Jeffry A. Kelber

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Dr. Kelber is a Regents Professor of Chemistry at the University of North Texas. Prior to joining UNT in 1990, he was a Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM. From 2010-2014 Prof. Kelber was the Director of the Center for Electronic Materials Processing and Integration, and SRC Center. Prof. Kelber’s group focuses on the surface chemistries of thin film nucleation and growth. Deposition methods include molecular beam epitaxy, magnetron sputter deposition, atomic layer deposition and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. This work has received three Inventor Recognition awards from the SRC, as well as the Dougherty award from the Texas ACS and the Dekker scholar award from UNT. Much of this effort has involved the direct growth of graphene and other 2D materials on appropriate substrates for device applications, and has involved collaboration with the Dowben and Binek groups who are also part of CSPIN. His group has shown that graphene can be grown directly on certain dielectric substrates, even without close lattice matching. These substrates include BN [1], MgO(111) [2-4] , and Co3O4(111) [5, 6]. More recently, the layer-by-layer growth of h-BN(0001) multilayers on Co(0001) has been demonstrated [7].

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