Past C-SPIN e-Workshops

    The recordings are available at from the right side of the page under “Quick Links”, then STARnet e-Workshops.  The replays and list of upcoming e-Workshops are available. Only C-SPIN and STARnet members can attend e-Workshops, which means you must be logged in to your SRC account to watch recordings. If you have questions about watching recordings, please contact Marie L. Rahne.


Date Speaker Title Action
May 2 Peter Dowben, et al. Electrically Controlled Surface and Interface Magnetism RECORDING
May 8 Kaushik Roy, et al. Prospects of Spin-Torque Devices for Boolean and Non-Boolean Computing RECORDING
May 15 Paul Crowell, et al. Spin Transport in Ferromagnet-Semiconductor Heterostructures RECORDING
May 23 William Butler, Univ. of Alabama Symmetry Based Spin-Filtering in Tunneling Magnetoresistance RECORDING
May 30 Daniel Ralph, Cornell Manipulating Magnetic Devices Using Spin Transfer Torque from the Giant Spin Hall Effect RECORDING