2014 C-SPIN Annual Review

Thank you to everyone who attened the annual review. It was a pleasue hosting your visit to Minneapolis. If you have any follow up questions regardng the review. Please don't hesitate to contact Marie L. Rahne.

Congratulations to the winners of the best poster awards at the review:

Theme 1: Perpendicular Magnetic Materials
Ty Newhouse-Illige, University of Arizona - Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with Gd2O3 Barriers

Theme 2: Spin Channel Materials
Yunqiu (Kelly) Luo, The Ohio State University - Opto-Electronic and Spin Dependent Properties of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

Theme 3: Spintronic Interface Engineering
Ashutosh Rath, University of Wisconsin - Interfacial Structure in Co2MnSi/GaAs(001) Spin Injection Heterostructures

Theme 4: Spin Devices and Interconnects
Maxwell Mann, MIT - Spin-Orbit Torque in Pt/Co/Ta Trilayer Structure

Theme 5: Spintronic Circuits and Architecture
Jongyeon Kim, University of Minnesota - A Magnetic Tunnel Junction Based True Random Number Generator with Conditional Perturb and Real-Time Output Probability Tracking